Riso printing uses soy or rice oil based inks. The printing process doesn’t involve heating, therefore uses very little energy and all papers can be reused in test-printing, making the production low waste and environmentally friendly.

RISO offers a palette of 21 standard colours and 50 custom colours, including fluorescent and metallic inks - unlike any others.

Due to the natural ingredients of the inks, they have a few special characteristics:

-The ink sits on the paper, never dries completely...

-Can be smudged. Look out for dirty fingers!

-The coverage may be uneven and different from print to print.

The colours are semi-transparent and can be easily overprinted, resulting in new shades.Feel free to experiment!

Remember that for each colour, the paper goes into the machine, so it’s best to choose 4 colours max and play around with the overlapping.